6 Easy tips to improve your Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills


Presentation skill is a skill where you present yourself with a Thought, Ideas, and information in a structured way to a group or the interested people in order to inform them about your Presentation.

Why you require Presentation Skills to be learned?

  • You should be overcome from your nervousness.
  • Your Presentation should be well structured to explain to the listener.
  • You should be aware which things should not be done while giving Presentation.
  • Your Presentation should be very effective.
  • Your body language should be powerful while delivering Presentation.

Ineffective Presentation:

  • Confusing Slides with a confusing structure.
  • Bulk data (i.e. not in point wise and unwanted Data).
  • Slides are not well designed.
  • Failed to explain your thought or ideas to Listener.
  • Funny and unwanted pictures in Presentation.

Effective Presentation:

  1. The presentation should be well Planned.
  2. The presentation should be well Prepare.
  3. The presentation should be well delivered to Listener.


Presentation Should be well Planned

  1. What is the Title? and what is the purpose of it?

While Choosing Presentation topic to make ensure that you will be choosing an interesting topic and also you should be clear by yourself what that topic message you want to express in front of an audience.

  1. Does this topic will help you to grab audience attention?

While selecting a topic to understand the topic as well as its meaning and also analyze by yourself by putting you in audience shoes whether this topic will be interesting to grab audience attention or not.

  1. Do your all main points cover in Presentation which is required?

While preparing slides for Presentation make sure your all main points of the topic will be covered in slides so that your Presentation will good.

  1. Are these points are in Sequence?

While making points in the slides in your Presentation make sure your all points will be in the sequence which makes your Presentation look nice.

  1. Who will be your listener so that you will get a clear picture to plan more?

Identify who will be your listener so that you will get the clear idea to plan for example if the listener is your colleague then you will be aware of their interest so according to that, you can plan more for your Presentation.

The presentation should be well Prepared

  1. How will you open your Presentation?

While opening your Presentation open it in such a way that listener will get attracted at the beginning itself so prepare in such way.

  1. Are you clear about the objective of points which you are going to put in slides?

While preparing your objective points to be clear about that each and every point so that while delivering the presentation you will be able to speak and explain to the audience.

  1. What activity are you going to do in the middle so that listener will not get bored?

The audience should not get bored for that you should play in middle a video which I related to your Presentation topic or else ask audience some question till now what you have Presented.

  1. How are you going to close your Presentation?

While closing your Presentation close it in a crispy way while the giving conclusion of your topic or Presentation gives reality or any interesting example.

  1. To be thorough with your points what you will do?

To be thorough with your points make notes of your Slides points or make a note of points which you wanted to speak to the audience for your own reference.

The presentation should be well delivered to Listener

  1. While Delivering Presentation how your voice should be?

While delivering Presentation your voice should not be too loud or not too low. Normally how you will speak, speak in that manner only but make sure your voice should cover entire hall.

  1. How will you remember your slides Points to deliver in the audience?

To remember your slides points practice more as well as make a small note and keep it with you.

  1. While delivering Presentation how your eyes should be?

Your Eyes should cover all audience and also make sure that you will not read from slides or your eyes should not be on slides or Presentations.

  1. While delivering Presentation how will be your Body Language?

While delivering your Presentation your body language should be confident as well as you should cover the whole stage.


While delivering your Presentation be confident whatever you are speaking and also keep you eye contact in such a way that you should have to cover all the audience seating and listening to you and also be through whatever you will speak or explain to listener should be clear and also make sure that the audience/listener should not be bored because of your Presentation. And also while delivering   Presentation don’t see in the slides and speak it will put your wrong impression. Best of luck for your Presentation.

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