10 Most Asked Interview Questions You Should Know To Crack The Interview

Commonly asked question in Interview



Interview preparation gives a headache to everyone, so don’t afraid you are not alone in this journey. I have given a lot of interviews and found some questions that were asked almost in every interview.  Whether you are going to government jobs, private sector or IT giants these are very common questions they asked the interviewee.


10 Common Interview Question


  1. Tell me about yourself?

Your answer should precisely start from your name, education, family background and currently what you are doing.

  1. What are your Hobbies?

Your answer should be about your hobbies in which if the ask you any further question you should be able to answer for example:  “My hobbies are watching TV, Playing basketball and Cooking so they might ask me to tell how to cook Ladyfinger vegetable “ so that you should be clear about your Hobbies.

  1. What is your short term goal?

Your answer should be what will be your short term career in future and while answering your answer should be neat and clear to the interviewer.

  1. What is your strength?

Your answer should be about your strength and your answer should describe it very well so that interviewer will have a good impression on his/her eye.

  1. What is your weakness?

In these, your answer should be professional not the personal weakness and while answering it should not look like you are looser for your weakness.

  1. Why should I hire you?

In these he/she wanted to know where you are the best candidate for this job or not. So, the answer should be in a positive manner which makes him/her impress and also in your answer make sure you include these question answer i.e. why you should get these job?

7. Why do you want this job?

In this, interviewer is giving you chance to tell about the job role for which you are giving an interview and also about the company. He/she just wanted to know you that how much you know about the job role and about the company.

  1. Why you left your previous organization? Or why you are leaving your previous job?

In these, you should answer why you are moving from your previous job tell the direct fact and also stick to it.

  1. What is your Expected Salary?

In these you should not get excited after asking this question and don’t give any irrelevant answer,   answer your expected salary but make sure you should not overprice yourself.

  1. How do you handle stress and pressure?

For these answer, the best way to respond is to give your best example of your previous job in that how you tackle that situation in your real time.


Now you know some common interview questions so while going through interview don’t be afraid of interview and don’t get panic answer the entire interviewer question confidently and before appearing for interview breathe deep and then go ahead. Share this post if you find these post helpful.Best of luck for your interview!!

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